Archangel Michael Honoree

The Archangel Michael Feast was prayerfully conceived by His Emminence Metropolitan Alexios upon arriving in Atlanta, as the annual double feast of the Metropolis family. Since 1998, the Metropolis family comes together in Atlanta on the weekend of, prior to or following the November 8th Feastday of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel.
It is to honor and celebrate our Patron Saint and the lives of two people from each parish, who are living examples of the Orthodox Christian life and journey to Theosis.  By extension, this special Metropolis feast also serves as the annual Metropolis celebration and thanksgiving for all devout stewards of the faith, giving their time and talent.
2021         Rusty Waldron and Aristotle Theofilis
2020         David Boyd and Zachery Bethune
2019         Kosta Bozzuto and Evie Tzevelekos
2018         Deborah Bowen and Evon Patrick
2017         Anthony Birozes & Marie Chapman
2016         Tasso Kefalas & Jacob Sparks
2015          Tina Maheras & Mike Trainor
2014          Helen McCart & Christos Zourzoukis
2013          Virginia Kostulakos & Maria Hagen
2012           John Patrick & Lisa Boston
2011           Johnny Melts & Emanuel Manos
2010          Greg Tsikerdanos (Father Gregory) & John Zourzoukis
2009          Angie Andropoulos and David Chapman
2008           Jim Andropoulos and Andrew Catapano
2007           Vic & Suzi Pryles
2006           Bill Sarandis and Athena Catapano
2005           Archie Lytle and William Tsikerdanos
2004           Nicholas Panos and Florence Lytle
2003           Mary Milam and Alex Anthony
2002           Pat Roney and Nicholas Kipreos
2001           Angela Dukas and Arianna Ray
2000           Adam and George Deleanides
1999           Mary Makris and Thanos Caras