Book Store

Please come by the church store to purchase books, CD’s, Icons, and various other Ecclesiastical items.

Your purchases through Amazon helps us raise money!

We have a new e-store on Amazon for the Sts. RNI Bookstore. This is an Amazon webstore that we put items into categories like books, cds, jewelry, food, etc. and we get paid 10% on all sales through our store. If someone from the church wants to buy something on Amazon, they need to click through our link for us to get credit. Also, if anyone wants a book, cd, etc., not on our list, they need to let us know & we can add it to the site. Use this LINK

For more information or to add items, contact Aftan Romanczak at

If you don’t see a CD, Icon, or Book Title you want, just let us know and we will order it quickly. The bookstore wants to be your source for all thing Orthodox.

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